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Phoebe Rothfeld



Vietnam MiniPaint Lineup.tif

The above paper-piecing creations were personal projects that combined digital techniques and design as well as sewing. I created a pattern from an original reference photo by blocking the shape into the the most efficient arrangement I could see. This required reverse engineering so as to determine the order in which the pieces were to be sewn. These projects turned out to be wonderful ways to combine digital tools and traditional materials. The blocks were eventually used in items such as quilts and bags.

Beatrice the doll was a personal project that utilized many different areas of my interests and skills. I have a huge fascination with stop-motion animation and decided to experiment for pure enjoyment into realms that are touched upon in stop-motion. I sculpted the head and hands with Super Sculpey Firm clay, and the body with Epoxy Putty, aluminum wire, foam tape, and batting. 
I then designed miniature patterns based on larger versions of the same kinds of clothes, and sewed a dress as well as reversible jacket. The additional painting on the face was done with spray paint, acrylic paint, and ink. The hair was created with layered strings of yarn. 

The above is a commissioned model approximately one foot high of the Police Public Call Box from the television show 'Doctor Who.' This turned out to be a wonderful exploration of materials and challenge for when I had to get creative with the unique shapes and mechanisms of the box. 

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