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This design was created for a personal project book pitch, 'To Water the Stars.' 

I created this project as a way to explore the metaphor of what 'watering stars' could mean. I connected it to creating art and nurturing projects, and healing and helping. The story and imagery became a way for me to explore my own fears of failure in a way that has made them more approachable.

Cover Design

Half Drop Repeat Pattern Garden Party, Ink with digital color
The Globe.jpg

CenterStage:'Shakespeare Online'

Throughout much of summer, fall, and winter of 2020, I designed prop assets for

CenterStage in Lake Forests' Shakespeare Online series. I'm so saddened by how hard the theater community has been hit this year (HUGE musical and Shakespeare fan especially!), and so embraced the chance to help celebrate and share Shakespeare using a digital platform. The assets were then animated by the company's digital editor (I've added the animations to the below ones), and sprinkled throughout various Shakespearian monologues during the episodes.


Click for sample episode: Halloween Episode

Motion Pieces for 'Our Planet Week 2021' Challenge

'Dinners for Siblings' Personal Projects

These pieces were created as gifts for my brother and sister for the 2020 holidays. The idea was to create little moments of calm and coming together over food. They evolved into motion pieces designed to loop and continuously evoke quiet glows of happiness :)

CS Comp.jpg

'Lost at Sea'

A short animation that follows a woman braving a storm

and utilizing the mysterious mechanics on her ship.

'Be Sure'

A love letter motion piece to the 'portal fantasy' genre

Life Sketchbook Samples

Thank you!

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