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Phoebe Rothfeld

Art Portfolio

Hi Slumberkins Team! I thought it would be fun to create a piece that directly demonstrates my understanding of your company's calm, whimsical aesthetic (solely using for your application of course!).


I see the flatness of the characters' faces in your other stories as supporting the calming quality of the messages and words, and can see how this makes for more minimal, comforting stuffed animal designs. So I attempted this in the elephant design here!

The above four paintings were created for CenterStage in Lake Forest's online reading of

Dylan Thomas' 'A Child's Christmas in Wales.'

The above cover design and below interior spread were created for a personal project book pitch, 'To Water the Stars.' 

I created this project as a way to explore the metaphor of what 'watering stars' could mean. I connected it to creating art and nurturing projects, and healing and helping. The story and imagery became a way for me to explore my own fears of failure in a way that has made them more approachable.

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